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What To Do Before You Set Your Goals

Before you start setting your 2020 goals here are few tips to help you achieve your goals

  • Set realistic goals. Make sure there are achievable especially before, or at most on your deadline.
  • You may encounter challenges but be determined not to give up no matter what.
  • Don’t change your mind on your plans because a friend told you that something is better. I’m not saying you should kill your curiosity but learn to stay focus on your goals except you have to change. Just be aware and know what a distraction is, or not.
  • There are a lot more things on the internet than they are people in the world, so the distractions there are addictive. Learn to use it to your advantage. Be intentional about it. Go for what you want and return back on the track.
  • As many as your 2020 goals maybe, learn to focus on one thing at a time. We cannot do as many things at a time as we sometimes want to, it doesn’t make us any productive, but starting a thing and finishing well. Have you ever imagined baking and taking your bath at the same time? That is the chaos you should expect trying to do so many things at the same time.
  • Turn off your notification when you want to work and concentrate. The greatest distractions of now, if not used properly, are our phones.
  • Be disciplined and serious about anything you want to do. Stay focused on each goal, be positive and avoid anyone who discourages you physically and emotionally.
  • CELEBRATE yourself when you achieve any tangible goal. If you must discipline yourself to achieve your goals then you should celebrate yourself when you successfully did.

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