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Goals Guide’s content is easy to use at the same time brings rewarding results. It is designed to help you achieve your goals every year with ease. There is a whole chapter for you to reflect on your 2019, the goals you were able to achieve, the ones you have to take further into 2020, the things you want to let go of and then, you take the personal evaluation test and Score yourself.

This is to help you discover the needed areas to set goals to improve yourself before you to set your 2020 Goals.

Starting with your personal theme for for, your TOP 3 (priorities), then Spiritual goals, career, Finances, Health, Relationships, and different note pads for different purposes. Also, contained in it is a provision for you to plan every event all year round.

Also, you have a Monthly Focus where you have to set goals in particular areas as your priority demands and a review page attached to evaluate yourself at the end of every month. Good enough, a pack of short cards comes with Goals Guide where you could pick one every day to set your daily goals.

This would take care of forgetting or skipping the things you need to do even when there are very important and having yourself under this kind of close personal supervision means a fruitful year already.

Goals Guide motivates you to journal and that is one crucial thing successful people do. Are you ready to achieve your goals better in 2020? Get a copy of GOALS GUIDE to explore more… Goal setting has been made easy.

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