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I discovered that people are motivated every new year to set goals and make resolutions but at the end of the year, some achieve less or none at all. However, with the help of this workbook, if you are consistent enough, you will have good improvements in achieving your goals in 2020 than you had in previous years.   

All you need to do is to be determined to see how far you can go using Goals Guide. Set your goals as required in every section and set deadlines respectively.

Make sure you use your Daily goal tracker at the close of each day. Learn to be accountable to yourself. If you can be in control of your daily activities then every other goal is halfway achieved.

Also, using a note pad is an essential tip. Learn to the journal. Writing down your goals, ideas and vision is a great way to reduce anxiety. It will empty your head and gives you mental clarity.

With this, you have the freedom to think of fresh ideas other than recycling old ones in order not to forget them.

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