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Over time, I see and here of successful people. And the questions that won’t stop popping up in my head is, What made the difference? Yeah, what truly made the difference? I mean, we all have heads, eyes, brain, legs hands you name, Except the physically challenged.

Are we not suppose to be all successful? Have the Same level of influence and impact? Or live in a state of luxury and attending to our needs exactly when there arises? But funny, the gap the between the successful and the less is a great million miles apart. The difference is as black and white. One can spot the difference from miles away.

I have looked deep. Researched and studied…..(reading the biography of successful people has been a habit I don’t want to unlearn) The difference in summary Is, THE DECISION TO BE SUCCESSFUL IS BACKED UP WITH EQUAL ACTIONS.

I learned that to wish or desire is not the same as deciding to “BE” if it is, horses would have been made available for everyone. I discovered from experience that deciding to be successful comes with a measure of commitment that mare desires can’t handle. Decisions consume your time, energy and everything needed. Funny enough we have heard those things a thousand times. Motivation speakers say the same thing but in different languages, using diverse contexts and examples to explain. Not that these words are strange to us. But some people still remain at a spot while others are flying like eagles in the realm of success.

What truly is the difference? THE ONLY EASY ROAD TO SUCCESS IS KNOWING THAT BEING SUCCESSFUL IS NOT EASY. Knowing this is vital. And it pushes you up when you feel down, makes you strive when you can’t even see what good the end will flesh out. If you know this, then it’s the easiest way to success.
You push, you work even while the body says sleep. You keep trying even when a thousand times trail has failed. Yes, you keep at it. People may laugh, the world may criticize
. But of what advantage would it be that you quit and not allow time to convince all that you truly DECIDED.

The decision demands a staying power that you must have. Against all odds. Successful people only have two options. IT’S EITHER I’m SUCCESSFUL OR SUCCESSFUL. There never read, hear, or see and stop at that. There ACT. SO WHAT’S YOUR DECISION TODAY? HAVING KNOWN THE EASIEST WAY TO SUCCESS?

Fasunlade Lilian

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