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Goals Guide Brainstorm Is a must-have

I imagine that the ideas in our brains are like soap bubbles. And can you keep soap bubbles organized?

Writing down your thoughts and ideas is a great way to keep them organized and allow the head to be receptive to other ideas.

Most successful people have this as a habit, so if you desire to be one, journaling is a good way to start. I have this freedom when I write down. I feel light and ready for more ideas to come.

Writing prepares you to explore the depth of intuition. Every great idea in the world stems from tiny thoughts and by writing and thinking more about them, there expands to a bigger picture.

Writing helps you to document and you easily refer to it when you need to. If you allow an idea to live just in the head, you stand the chances of losing it. Because, when you forget, it may not come back to you.

When an idea just pops up, the way to keep it safe is to write it down. It is easier and faster to refer to the journal to read up an idea than rambling through your thoughts to fetch it out, And this is the ease Goals Guide BRAINSTORM comes with.

GOALS GUIDE BRAINSTORM comes in plain pages that allow you to explore your thoughts and imagination. Writing is one way to know the things you are capable of bringing forth. Also, you have the covers in different colors to choose from.


You can pre-order till 30th of December 2019 but all the books will be available in book stores by 30th of December 2019

Fasunlade Lilian

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