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Helpful Reading Habit you should Adopt

I love to read across genres. I read randomly, other times, I pick a few books related to the field I want deep knowledge about at a time and it has really helped me to concentrate and focus on the goal. When I’m doing specific research, I try as much as possible to overcome temptations of catchy titles and really exciting book covers. Most of us do read books judging from the book cover or titles. I do sometimes too. (means we are all guilty 😊 ) But the reason I try to resist the urge is to stay FOCUSED.

I get this gratification when I read different books of the same field by different authors. It uncovers different views and approaches to one thing and I totally love it. I’m more organized when I read like this and I get wide knowledge of what so ever I search for at that time.

I’m suggesting that you try this if you want a more organized reading habit and style. You should get at least three different books related to the field you are researching about. This will give you more insight on the information you are looking for. It is healthy for genuine research.

I could be reading a good article I stumble on the internet while taking a trip and stray into something else when I’m back home. I love random good reads but the need to focus at times and get more organized is a great habit to win good knowledge.

Getting recommended books to make you more organized is also a key to get good details and wide access to information. If you read by covers, it may be a little straining for you but it will give you access to information and books you will never pick up to read by yourself because they do not have those fascinating covers or titles.

Learn to stick to related books when you have to. Some fields require not just knowledge but enough of it to sustain you through a project or a career. They are times everyone would like the freedom to wander on a bookshelf and pick a random book to read just for the fun of it. Organized reading will only deny you of that when you mean a serious business finding knowledge in a particular area.

If you have been a random reader, Try a more organized habit for the first time and you will acknowledge the wealth of reading wide about a topic or field. You could share the experience with us by leaving a comment here or via our email. Enjoy this new style if you are adopting it. Explore and experience life…

Fasunlade Lilian

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