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Three Things To Do On The First Day Of The Year.

I’m not sure what has been your NEW YEAR DAY’S routine but here are THREE things to add. They are simple enough not to disrupt the eating and drinking. 😁 (all the celebration) yet they are too powerful to make your year a great deal.

Create an environment that you could be intentionally happy. One easy way to create an atmosphere like this is through gratitude. Open your mind and thank God for all that you had in 2019. Be grateful that you are alive and see it as an opportunity to strive again to achieve your desires. Been able to witness another year is for greater glory. Welcome and embrace the day like it’s king. Open up to enjoy the blessings of a new day, a new year and another opportunity to improve yourself to achieve the things you desire.

Now sit in silence and start picturing yourself having the things you want. What would it feel like? (look how I’m helping you to smile 😁) I just can’t stop, I’m typing and practicing mine at the same time and it feels so beautiful… If your great future is here, how will you feel? Peaceful, free, fulfilled, joyful, excited ( please insert more words: how you want to feel). to go somewhere you must learn the art of seeing yourself there. Allow yourself to feel it. Begin to enjoy the feeling before it comes. Great Men knew this and it has been an advantage: a huge one. So take it too. picture every month of the year and every day in those months. Explore the power of thoughts. That is where you start.

Even in the midst of the celebration, still, plan. enjoy every bit of the moment. Bond with family and friends, enjoy the food and drinks. Yes, you should. However, do not forget that every passing minute now counts. It is part of the year 2020 which you desire to be great. At the end of the year, the question will still come not excluding this day. What were you able to achieve in 2020? If you have yours planned already, good enough. Just read through and as you do that, more insight and strategies will come. Prepare and improve. Even if it is just a new word you learn today, it is a step ahead. Little accumulated steps make up greatness. Remember every second now counts. GOALS GUIDE WORKBOOK MAKE YOUR PLANS EASY. IT IS A WORTHY INVESTMENT FOR 2020 AND IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COPY YET, JUST CLICK ON “GET THE BOOK”.

See you at the PEAK.

Fasunlade Lilian


  • Honestly, i trivialized this 3-Step wonder at first, but after going through i realized it is a blessing in Disguise….. #Thanks a lot Boss

    • Hello George,

      I totally love your rhythm.

      “Trivialized and then realized”
      Oh! how great?

      I’m absolutely glad it has been a blessing. Keep it up!!!!

      You are most welcome.

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