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The Benefits of Having A Vision Board

In previous years, my birthday usually comes as a surprise not because I forget my date, (smile, could that even happen?) But because I rarely have enough money to plan or do whatever l want until I discovered the effectiveness of a vision board.

Last year, I wanted to have a quiet one but I got a surprise birthday instead. (Memories). It was on a Sunday. After the service, I got drinks for friends, entered my room, watched a movie and I slept till evening when a good friend of mine asked to take me out for Ice cream… Okay! I asked my roommate to join me but she declined, she said she was tired. 😩 Sad. I went for the ice cream and had fun, yeah! Real fun. Afterward, my friend said we should go to a popular restaurant.

… On getting there and climbing the stairs, there I stood, with an uproar of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU….. guess who was there, My roommate(Jessica) and my favorite girl (blessing). A mighty cake, wine, more drinks lots of food and laughter😁 … Jessica who said she was tired? 😊 menwhile, they had it all planned out.

One would bet with a million buck that she knew nothing with the innocence on her face when I left the room… A big thank you to Prince and the Crew. (there sure would read this post. Smiles) since then, I call Jessica the number one coup planner(laughs) Gush!! We were together in the room we talk about everything yet I never suspected a thing. Oh my… They played the role well and I was really swept off my feet.

This year, there are a couple of things that I want to achieve before my birthday. I have it all on my birthday VISION BOARD. Yeah! I have tried it before and it worked. So I’m throwing this out to you all… I got this surprise but it was not on my visit board though. (Smile)


I know this is a question some of you haven’t ask yourself, if truly you haven’t, read the question again and Personalize it.


There are ways to attract what you want. A vision board is one of them. I made a photo collage with my favorite app CANVA (you can use any photo editor too) and I embed it on some of my apps. (making it your WhatsApp wallpaper is a great way too) this would allow you to see it often as you open your app.

You can as well place those pictures in your room where you can wake up to them in the morning and before bedtime. But hey! If you are a private person like me. There are other ways to keep your vision private from a third party. (😊)

  • When you create a vision board, it makes you see the possibilities of achieving your goals
    A vision board builds a personal connection that motivates you to take necessary action towards achieving your goals. It motivates you to save money for the goal, work or take positive action towards accomplishing your goal
  • Creating a vision board for your birthday and setting the date too gives you define goals and focus. This could also be created for the whole year.
  • Setting goals and making a vision board is a habit that embraces greatness. If you haven’t had any before, give it a try before your next birthday. I will be right here to receive your testimonial emails.
  • See the photo collage on this post and create the life you want. This year, I discovered that what I have on my vision board is just coming to me. Some came through favors that I didn’t work for(So Thankful to God. I love him. He is always too good to me) However, ensure you do not relent on making an effort to see your vision come to reality.
  • Successful people have master the art of using a vision board. What you set in your mind, create the picture, look at it often, you attract. Such a simple maths right?
    Happy birthday in advance to you all…

Fasunlade Lilian


  • Great idea 👍🏼, even though less attention is paid to thing’s like this Normatively, but trust me they’re intrinsic realities embedded in them. Willpower is a tool in making these Visions reality

    • Hello Ayuk,
      Through experience, I trust this reality totally. And I believe you have this experience too. Thank you for reading through and cheers to a great year ahead.

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