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The great deal of Failure

Running a race and knowing exactly where you are headed sometimes is inspiring. The clear goals and having the ability to maximize opportunities and cut out distractions is fulfilling. However, in between the gap lies the price of diligence and the drive to really get to where you are headed.

From childhood, I have been adventurous. I hated idleness so I’m always trying something new even if I would fail.
I remember starting up an NGO when I was in secondary school. I saw people who needed help even when I was the one who should be helped 😀 Anyway, I went ahead, organized a few friends, and got the ball rolling. I remember on one of the occasions we printed leaflets to help ladies to learn the art of Virtuousness and that was the end. The pressure from raising funds from another person’s purse was huge,😀my Mum. I had no means of income then and It didn’t take long for the NGO to wind up.

I was so embarrassed we couldn’t push to print the second edition. I was younger and I thought everything you try has to succeed so that you do not become a failure but I have grown and I also know that failure as an event doesn’t make you a failed human. Sometimes we draft our destination carefully but if you haven’t reached there just yet, it doesn’t make you a failed person.

Learn to let go of such caging thoughts when something you tried didn’t work out. Today I know better and am trying as much as possible to share some of those experiences with you all. Someone could gain freedom from bitterness by reading this. I have tried different things in life and some, I failed equally but I never relent. MY MANTRA IS, DO IT TILL YOU SUCCEED. Also, here are handy tips to help guide you to try again even if you had failed.


By all means, maintain a healthy thought about failure. Look at it as a push to do better the next time you try. Over time I have learned from my mistakes and failure and I tend to do better when I try one thing multiple times.


Avoid closing a door permanently at something because you failed once. The next time you try could be your breakthrough. In fact. Keep doing it until you succeed at it. Giving up is a weak option. Learn to recover quickly from a failed attempt and be ready to improve for a better chance of success.


Causes of failure stem from a lack of adequate research and poor laying of strategies. Before you venture into anything new. Please read and do thorough research. Yes, this will give you a safer guide on what to do and what not to. Make plans on how much time and resources you are willing to give to see a good result. Also, estimate your possible reward and make sure it is worth it before you try. These steps have worked for me and I trust that it could work for you too. Don’t kill your dreams when you still have the chance to make a great deal out of them. FAILURE IS NOT AN END.

Fasunlade Lilian


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